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stolen joy
Read Matthew 11:2-6. Jesus replied, "Tell John what you hear and see: the blind receive sight, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear, the dead are raised and good news is preached to the poor. Blessed is he who is not offended by Me." Matthew 11:4-5 One of my Dad's worst Christmases was in 1976. On the 21st of December he was on a step-ladder at church, trying to close a window that was stuck open. As he tugged on the window the ladder gave way; he smashed into the wall fracturing his shoulder in three places and cutting a deep gash into his shin. He spent that Christmas in agony sitting day and night in a chair in the living room, waiting for his shoulder to heal. Do circumstances in your life ever steal away the joy of your Christmas? Do they raise doubts in your mind about the Child of Christmas-if He is really God's Son? Do you ever wonder why there is still so much suffering in our lives and in our world if Jesus came to save the world? This... (more)

Slim and beauty
Ingenious methods of dispelling moisture,
forming thin physique

Environment Less exposure to a humid environment, when you show legs in chilly winter, in gulps drinking ice drink, or even just in the office leisurely enjoying air conditioning, moisture already quietly goes up your body. These actions will cause the blood in the body not smoothly flowing, more easily resulting in the variation of body metabolism and obesity. In the air conditioning room to keep warm, prepare a small coat. Women should pay attention to avoiding cold drinks, preventing moisture intrusion body. Strengthen exercise to lose weight Most of people who have heavy moisture inside the body eat greasy and lack moderate exercise. Sweating is a very good method of dispelling moisture, make the body a lot of sweat and directly discharge the moisture in vitro. Adhering to the appropriate amount of exercise every day is very beneficial to the body. Exercise can relieve stress and segmente operation of body organ, accelerating moisture discharge in vitro. At the same time it... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Thursday, December 18, 2014. Chaos and violence continue, more US troops will be going into Iraq, a US general predicts a three year training mission in Iraq (at least), the Ministry of Women still has no funding, the Islamic State beheads a man accused of . . . witchery, and much more. Barack Obama's 'plan' for Iraq continues to remain sparse on details. But some are attempting to sketch it the outline out. Andrew Tilghman (Navy Times) quotes US Lt Gen James Terry stating that US troops will spend a "minimum of three years" training Iraqi soldiers. Terry also declared more US troops would be going into Iraq. On the subject of US troops in Iraq, the Washington Post's Erin Cunninham Tweeted the following: Erin Cunningham ‏@erinmcunningham 2m2 minutes ago 350 U.S. troops now at Ain... (more)

​There are good thoughts too, you know. I'm not always filled with confusion and frustration. I think of how there are a handful of people who I let down at times but always seem to have my back anyway. I have a great job and I get along with everyone I work with. We make a great team despite some of our clashing personalities. Music offers me solace like nothing else... well, besides my new hobby of painting... which I need to be doing more. I ran two miles last night and then did a twenty minute intense workout and felt proud. I'm beginning to push myself more. I have so much good in my life that sometimes, I take it for granted only focusing on the negative. I'm trying to change that though. ​(05-07-2009)​

sccap week 11:

Today is my last day with SCCAP until the New Year. I have really enjoyed my time with all the children and probably will try to stay with them during the next semester. All the children were extra crazy. Billy, Juan, and I made a tree out of paper. We made little circles and then glued the circles together. Billy’s turned out fine after all of the complaining and Juan’s turned out deformed. But at the end it is the idea that counts. The idea of making these presents was to give it to someone else. So Billy gave the present to Noelle and Juan gave it to Aiden. It was so cute! The other children did a lot of painting and coloring, so next time maybe make activities for many different age groups. I was very tried after running around and trying to get them to work on their projects and then clean up.

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